Fox & Friends Went to A Louisiana Diner To Interview ‘Real’ Americans, and It Was… Something


With all this crazy “fake news” running around, Fox & Friends is on the hunt for the truth, and they sure sound like they found it in a random-ass Louisiana diner.

Fox & Friends Correspondent Todd Piro had, as the chyron indicated, “Breakfast With Friends In Louisiana” at Butter Krisp Diner in Covington, LA, for no other discernible reason than to convince the good Americans watching Fox News early in the morning that don’t worry, there are still hardworking, normal people who still unconditionally support President Donald Trump.

One of those people is Suzanne, a nurse who has two sons in the military. According to her, Trump’s rhetoric on Iran (read: caps-lock shit storm) is super great because “I want a president who’s going to rule with an iron fist.”

See, we have in this country something called checks and balances. What you’re describing is a despot, which this country was founded to rebel against. Putting that aside, what else do you have to say?

“What is [North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un] doing with his nuclear weapons? He’s getting rid of them,” she said of Trump’s foreign policy with that country. Ooh, uh, fact check there. Nothing in the agreement between the two leaders indicates that Kim is actually getting rid of his nukes – all smoke and mirrors at this juncture – but what else do you have to say? How about meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin?

“Why not?” she told Piro. “I mean, all this Russia Russia Russia? It’s a bunch of nonsense.”

Lady. This ain’t The Brady Bunch. It is the universally-held opinion of the intelligence community that Russia interfered with the 2016 elections, thereby looking to obstruct our most sacred democratic institution, and there is also evidence that Putin had a direct hand in doing so. So “why not”? Because they’re attacking the country as we speak, that’s “why not.”

And I’m not even going to touch the part when she said “Didn’t Hillary [Clinton] meet with Russia? Didn’t she have the reset button?” Okay, fine, just this one point: If she was such a Russian operative, why did Putin expressly want Trump to win the election? But yes, to you that’s a bunch of “nonsense,” even if it came straight from the horse’s mouth.

Look, Fox News. This is ridiculous. You went to a diner filled with people who you know are less informed at best (thanks to Trump) or grossly misinformed at worst (thanks to you) and used them to justify your own State TV agenda. Do us all a favor and stop making a mockery of these working people.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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