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Fox Hosts Mock ‘Game Show Network’ CNN’s Plan for Debate Live Draw

Fox News’ The Five mocked CNN over the network’s plans for a live draw to determine the candidate line-up for this month’s two big debates.

The live draw will be taking place next week. CNN Tuesday announced the rules for the debate, including that “a candidate who consistently interrupts will have his or her time reduced.”

Greg Gutfeld said CNN looks like they’re morphing into “the Game Show Network,” saying, “Their ratings are falling faster than a safe in a Road Runner cartoon, hair at a barbershop, clumsy kids on a balance beam.”

“They should do a gender reveal and perhaps a Wheel of Fortune,” he added.

Jesse Watters knocked Don Lemon for being one of the moderators, saying, “He’s an opinion host. He’s not a straight shooter.”

He also mocked CNN for trying the “gimmick”:

“Our prime time audience more than triples them. I think their top-rated show is only ranked 25th. They’re in deep, deep trouble especially after the Russia hoax was exposed… It’s a good gimmick, but you risk not having two major dynamics. What if we don’t get to see Kamala-Biden round 2? What if we don’t get to see Liz Warren go up against Joe this time?”

Katie Pavlich noted one of CNN’s rule changes is that there will be no hand-raising, saying, “Maybe Joe Biden won’t actually have to look around to see what everybody else is doing.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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