Fox News’ Bret Baier Responds to Trump Bashing Network, Polls: ‘Fox Has Not Changed’


Fox News’ Bret Baier took a moment during tonight’s Special Report panel discussion to directly rebut President Donald Trump‘s criticisms of his network.

Trump yesterday went off on Fox News after a new poll from the network, saying they give him bad polls and taking potshots at network analysts like Juan Williams and Donna Brazile.

“Fox has changed,” Trump said. “There’s something going on at Fox, I’ll tell you right now.”

Baier said this in response:

“Okay, well, Fox has not changed. We have a news side and an opinion side. Opinion folks express their opinions. We do polls. Our latest poll had the Democratic candidates had to head, several of them ahead of President Trump, and this poll tracks exactly what the Real Clear Politics average of polls — even a little the other way — and this poll matches what we are seeing out there. Mr. President, we’ve invited you on Special Report many times. We’d love to have you back on. You’ve talked to George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd, come on back. Me, Chris Wallace, the news side cover it fair, balanced, and unafraid.”

Baier discussed the polls further with his panel. Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt defended the network’s polling team and said Trump probably doesn’t believe “any polls are on the level,” and that he “picks and chooses the polls he likes.”

Baier again said before going to break that they will continue to invite Trump back on Special Report.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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