Fox News Host Jesse Watters: ‘Fake News’ to Say Ukrainian Prosecutor Shokin Was Corrupt


Fox News host Jesse Watters spent a big part of the open on The Five seemingly trying to say a Ukrainian prosecutor ousted for corruption was not actually corrupt.

“They keep saying you know what? Everybody in Europe wanted this one prosecutor fired. I thought to myself, I wonder why that is? And I went to start looking,” Watters said, saying he found links to a Russian investment bank that gave money to Bill Clinton, a former CIA official, and a former John Kerry adviser.

“Very well-connected. Very wealthy group of individuals. And they wanted to get the word out to their friends that this guy was a corrupt investigator and he needed to be fired,” Watters alleged.

“And the Ukrainian prosecutor who was fired testified under oath that he was fired because he wouldn’t drop this investigation into the firm that Joe Biden’s son was a member of. And Joe Biden and his son were never investigated,” Watters said. “There is a lot of fake news out there about this story.”

The prosecutor Watters defended, Victor Shokin, was fired by the Ukrainian president amid corruption accusations of defending his allies from prosecution and preventing efforts to root out graft. The European Union praised Shokin’s firing in 2016, according to the Irish Times.

He didn’t cite his reporting but Watters appeared to be citing some facts that appear on the New York Times’ Ken Vogel and Iullia Mendel’s reporting on Joe Biden’s pressure campaign to help oust Shokin.

The piece was criticized by others in the media for burying a note that the reporters found no evidence that Biden was trying to help his son. The piece faced further scrutiny after Mendel took a job as press secretary for Volodymyr Zelensky, just a month after publishing a story about Zelensky’s opponent’s administration.

The New York Times report also notes that the Obama Administration pushed Ukraine to cooperate with a probe of Bursima Holdings’ owner.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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