Fox News’ John Roberts to WH Physician: ‘How Much Weight’ Should the President Lose?


We just witnessed a mammoth, positively glowing press conference on President Donald Trump’s health, led by the president’s physician Dr. Ronny Jackson. 

Long story short? The president is in perfect health, has absolutely brilliant genes, doesn’t need to sleep and could live to be 200. Add these comments to the fact that Jackson took questions for nearly an hour, forcing members of the press pool to repeat themselves, in clips that will no doubt be played ad infinitum on right-leaning media throughout the rest of the week, and you have one heck of a news cycle own for the Trump White House.

The very first question asked of Dr. Jackson was lobbed by Fox News’ John Roberts and it was a doozy.

“How much weight have you suggested the president lose?” He asked. “He has not exactly been enthusiastic about exercising. The president kind of believes that we all have a finite battery. Why waste it on exercise when you could put it toward other pursuits? What did you counsel him about that?”

Dr. Jackson responded that he and the president had decided that he would like to lose “10-15 pounds” throughout the next year.

“We talked about diet and exercise a lot. He’s more enthusiastic about the diet part than the exercise part, but we are going to do both,” he responded. “He and I will work together over the next year to incorporate a good plan so we can meet those goals.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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