Fox News’ Kurtz Called Out Giuliani For Demanding Media Apologize… and #MAGA Didn’t Like It


Fox News Channel’s Howard Kurtz pushed back on Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on Sunday’s MediaBuzz over his repeated statement that networks like CNN owe the president “an apology” for their coverage. It was by no means the toughest questioning the Mayor has ever faced, but nevertheless some on MAGA social media didn’t like it, and tweets ensued.

In the interview, Kurtz pointed out his own credentials to Giuliani, in that he has been previously been critical of the collusion coverage from the media at large, which is true. But he indicated that demanding an apology is a step too far considering the context.

“You were on with Chris Cuomo, you said that he should apologize and CNN should apologize for their coverage of the Mueller investigation,” said Kurtz. “Why?”

“Collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion, ” Giuliani replied. “Blockbuster! Papadopoulos. Blockbuster! It’s going to show collusion. Manafort. Blockbuster, it’s going to show collusion. Blockbuster, eight times, nine times, totally biased, prejudiced reporting creating a hysteria over what turns out to be something that is not true.”

“Well, I’ve been critical of the coverage that at times, saying that at times it was overwrought and overhyped, I’m talking about all media coverage here,” said Kurtz, “But on the other hand, this was an investigation authorized by the president’s own deputy attorney general, 37 indictments, I’ve covered investigations where no one ended up getting charged. It doesn’t mean the stories were illegitimate, and yet you say the networks should apologize?”

“They should apologize for over-hyping the case,” insisted Giuliani. “For not giving balanced coverage.”

They continued back and forth over details of stories and failures on the part of the media. “The coverage was so biased that it is embarrassing, and they should’ve apologized,” said Giuliani. “They painted him as guilty before he was proven innocent.”

Kurtz pointed out that Giuliani appeared on TV “all the time” and that there were instances of missteps that prompted him to offer clarifications, and asked if that was a way of “diverting heat” from Trump.

Giuliani said that the opposing lawyers were given softball questions and treated politely, while interviews with him were combative and he would be constantly interrupted. “I can tell, I’m not a jerk,” he said. “I understand their bias.”

Kurtz also noted that the president and his lawyers, Giuliani included, have been highly critical of Robert Mueller and the investigation all along, and asked whether, now that the outcome is in Trump’s favor, they can admit that Mueller was being fair. Giuliani would not agree to that point, saying that the fact that they couldn’t “frame” Trump is best seen as evidence of how innocent he is.

Kurtz’s interview was fair but also asked pointed questions, which is precisely how Fox News characterizes their coverage: Tough but fair. It’s an attribute of Fox’s coverage that is constantly offered by conservatives and Trump-fans as a defense against accusations of bias. Nevertheless, being tough but fair won Kurtz no friends in that arena, as he faced negative feedback on social media from those who felt it inappropriate to challenge the President’s lawyer.

Kurtz highlighted one of the replies.

Prompting this, characterizing it as an “interrogation.”

Kurtz’s partial defense of CNN during his Sunday media criticism show stands in contrast to CNN’s same-hour media show, Reliable Sources, which in keeping with a long-running theme was highly critical of Fox News on Sunday.

You can watch the clip above regarding the media coverage, or below for the entire interview, and judge for yourself. Both via Fox News Channel.

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