comScore Howard Kurtz Calls Out Trump Speech Errors, Anger at Reporter

Fox News’ Kurtz Calls Out Trump for Errors in Speech, Attacking Reporter for ‘Nasty Question’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz took a critical approach to Donald Trump on Sunday while reviewing the president’s Oval Office address and his angry reaction to a reporter’s question.

As MediaBuzz gravitated their conversations around the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Kurtz noted how Trump snapped at PBS News reporter Yamiche Alcindor last week for her “nasty question” about why he doesn’t accept any responsibility for disbanding the White House’s pandemic office in 2018. Turning to Griff Jenkins, Kurtz asked “Why was that a nasty question?” and Jenkins answered that actually “it’s a fair question.”

“There is a role for the fourth estate to press on these things,” Jenkins said. “The question, the president may not liked how it was asked, but it’s fair because we need to know where all of our the weakest links are in the chain. If we disbanded an office and there was something that we we needed to play catch-up with, we need to ask these questions sooner rather than later.”

Eventually, the conversation moved to “several errors” in Trump’s national address last week that the administration had to correct once the speech was over. This prompted Kurtz to ask “How could a speech of this importance to this president have not have been vetted more carefully?”

Liberal commenter Jessica Tarlov referred to reporting which indicated that Trump’s speech was properly put together in the teleprompter, but the president ad-libbed and ended up putting out false information.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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