Fox News’ Outnumbered Clashes Over Impending IG Report: Won’t Have ‘Smoking Gun’ GOP Wants

With that big IG report on Andrew McCabe expected tomorrow, Fox News’ Outnumbered clashed over what it will actually reveal.

The report will be on the actions the DOJ and FBI took during the course of the Clinton email investigation. The Outnumbered co-hosts said this will likely big significant and Katie Pavlich said there will be “big questions” about whether anyone will be held accountable.

After a few jabs at Jeff Sessions, today’s One Lucky Guy David Tafuri jumped in to say he doesn’t expect the report to “have the things Republicans want it to have in it,” saying it’ll cover issues of “misjudgment,” but no “smoking gun.”

He said Republicans want the report to say “the Department of Justice was part of some big conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump from being elected and once he got elected to help him get impeached, and that’s simply not true.”

Harris Faulkner said Republicans just want to know “who there was biased” and said Trump has not gone after the entire DOJ or FBI.

Tafuri insisted that Trump actually is “attacking the entire Department of Justice and the entire FBI,” and said the idea he understands it’s only bad people at the top doesn’t comport with “how he characterizes it.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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