MUST WATCH: Fox News Gets Heated After Host Condemns Trump For Accusing Cummings of Being a ‘Thief’


The ongoing battle between President Donald Trump and Rep. Elijah Cummings continues to be a hot debate topic in all precincts of cable news programming. The latest example of “Racist or Not?” revealed itself on Fox News show America’s Newsroom, which featured a panel discussion reacting to a Trump pool spray that kept the political battle alive.

Trump continued to deride Cummings, continuing his claim that his Baltimore area House district is something of a mess and that billions of federal funding earmarked for that area was stolen — though the president didn’t give any evidence for the claim.

Fox News contributor Juan Williams took issue with Trump’s claim: “There is no reason for anybody to allege that Elijah Cummings is a thief. That is just low.”

He then added for clarity “It shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t come from anyone to a sitting member of Congress unless you have some evidence. It certainly shouldn’t come from the White House.”

Fox News Contributor Charlie Hurt defended the president’s attacks on Cummings, alleging that charges of racism aren’t fair. That led to a heated debate over Trump’s racially divisive language on the Fox News set.

Hurt explained that Trump is “an equal opportunity offender when it comes to being combative, but everything is about race, it is crazy.”

Williams pushed back to say that when Trump “goes after people of color, he excites racial passions in this country.” He continued by noting how Trump “went after those four congresswomen” and said “get them out of here. This is divisive and rank language. And I think it hits people of color in a specific way.”

“They are a vulnerable population,” Williams noted, “And you are absolutely going after them with a vengeance that suggests — and again, you look at what is going on in the country, a spike in terms of hate crimes. White nationalism, the FBI director says, is the biggest source of terrorism in this country.”

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer cut Williams off to say: “Criminal justice reform, decriminalizing marijuana, how do you feel about all that?”

Hemmer argued that Trump doesn’t see race and that his judgment on issues that affect African-Americans should be taken in totality, the good (record low unemployment) along with the bad (calling Cummings’ largely black district rodent-infested.)

“Hasn’t some of his policies helped African Americans?” Hemmer asked.

“I can go back and start talking about the Justice Department suing him and his company and dad for discriminating against black people,” Williams shot back. “I can go back to the birther movement.”

RealClearPolitics columnist A.B. Stoddard responded to Hurt’s defense of Trump by pointing out the president’s pattern of engaging in “racially divisive language to divide this country.”

“He accused two black men in less than 24 hours for crimes they didn’t commit,” Stoddard said. “I don’t think this is about Baltimore.”

Watch the segment above via Fox News.

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