Fox News’s Outnumbered Spars Over Who Started Trump-Canada Feud: Trudeau Wasn’t ‘Very Nice’


Fox News’s Outnumbered took on the unexpected feud between President Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau, and some of its hosts placed the blame squarely on the broad and well-toned shoulders of the Canadian prime minister.

To recap the pillow-fight between the two leaders: after promising to sign a joint agreement with allies at the G7 conference, Trump boarded Air Force One to head to Singapore for the North Korea summit. While en route, Trudeau gave a very polite presser in which he said Canada would “not be pushed around” and promised retaliatory tariffs in response to Trump’s. The U.S. president blew up, trashing Trudeau and disposing of the G7 communique. His advisers took to the Sunday shows to pound Trudeau for his grand “betrayal.”

Outnumbered was divided. Melissa Francis pointed out that Canada imposes large tariffs on cheese and butter. Kennedy fired back that “all of this is a huge distraction.”

“There’s an obsession with trade deficits within this administration,” Kennedy said. “These tariffs are going to lead to a trade war.”

“I think that this was maybe a bad event for [Trump] to attend given what the stakes are today in Singapore,” she continued. “I think the G7 summit for him was a distraction.”

Francis agreed that “the trade deficit thing is nonsense, because we get the benefit of that,” but made an appeal for bringing all tariffs down.

Republican author Van Hipp, the One Lucky Guy for the day on Outnumbered, agreed that Trump should not have attended the G7 with the North Korean summit looming. Hipp then backed the president’s view that Trudeau “pulled a stunt” by standing up to U.S. tariffs.

“That’s not very nice,” Francis said, “to go out and make a hostile statement after everybody has agreed to a communique. You put the president in a position where he’s going off to this very tough negotiation, he does have to do a turn and burn or else he looks weak as he heads into this other event.”

Adrienne Elrod, former Clinton communications director, argued it was Trump’s remarks that weren’t “nice,” and that his Twitter war with Canada is “embarrassing to us on the world stage.”

“He didn’t start it,” Francis contended.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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