Fox’s Bret Baier Calls Out Conservative Hypocrisy: ‘Heads Would’ve Exploded’ if Obama Claimed ‘Total’ Authority


Fox News’ Bret Baier called out conservatives on Tuesday by saying they would’ve been outraged if former president Barack Obama claimed “total” authority over the country as Donald Trump did.

In a conversation with Dana Perino, Baier spoke of how Trump repeatedly claimed this week that his “authority was total,” and that it was his decision when states throughout the country would end their social distancing lockdowns amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Trump’s claim was subject to major pushback over the insinuation that he can trample states’ rights and force the country to reopen before governors think its best.

“First of all, the Constitution is pretty clear. Constitutional scholars will say that this is not the president flicking on the switch, it’s the governors and the local authorities that have that going forward,” Baier responded to Trump. “I think that there’s hypocrisy here, in that one, if President Obama had said those words that you heard from President Trump, that the authority is total with the presidency, conservatives’ heads would’ve exploded across the board.”

Baier also accused the president’s detractors of hypocrisy, noting the push in previous weeks for Trump to issue a nationwide stay-at-home order.

“The bottom line is that the president can really influence these governors and work with them,” said Baier. “As far as the top-down order, by the Constitution, you can’t do that. So it’s working with these governors to open it up in a rolling kind of open is what I imagine would happen.”

Trump ended up taking a step back in his position yesterday, saying he would “authorize” governors to reopen their states “in a time and a manner which is most appropriate.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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