Fox’s Gasparino Goes Off on WSJ Reporters For Jacking Story: ‘They Couldn’t Wear My Jockstrap as a Reporter’


Fox Business correspondent Charlie Gasparino got heated at Wall Street Journal reporters today while on Fox Business, accusing the paper of stealing his producer’s story.

“We broke the story. I want to say that The Wall Street Journal, the editor there who went to my wedding, Matt Murray, reporters, probably good reporters but they couldn’t wear my jockstrap as a reporter or hold it is is the term,” Gasperino complained to an amused Neil Cavuto.

He also made a similar complaint on Twitter.

“It was my producer Lydia Moynihan who beat the hell out of The Wall Street Journal and at least I know they’re mad that 14 years ago I left them in the dust, that I went to work other places including here but get over it! Give Lydia, you took her story!” Gasparino continued.

“You know they are our corporate partners,” Cavuto said, referring to the fact that News Corp., which owns The Wall Street Journal, is a sister organization to the Fox Corporation.

“I don’t know how much more you can destroy your career,” Cavuto joked in the middle of Gasparino’s rant.

Gasparino went on to explain what the story in question is about, as Cavuto and likely viewers didn’t know what Gasparino was talking about. “Bankers are inundating AT&T and Randall Stephenson, CEO with proposals to sell DirecTV,” he said.

Cavuto seemed to shrug off Gasparino who continued complaining about The Wall Street Journal and headlines sourcing stories to them.

“Listen when they break stories, Wall Street Journal does this, we say it. Right? … Headlines, Wall Street Journal every day,” he said.

As Cavuto threw to commercial, Gasparino could be heard breaking into laughter.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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