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Fox’s Harris Faulkner Caught Off-Guard as Rep Sean Duffy Warns of ‘Rush to Judgment’ on Saudis: ‘If There Was a Killing…’

On Outnumbered Overtime on Wednesday, host Harris Faulkner interviewed Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) on the topic of the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and appeared somewhat taken aback as he questioned pointing fingers at Saudi Arabia and even the very nature of the situation.

“The big question today regarding Khashoggi has to be with Saudi Arabia,” said Faulkner. “How do you investigate this? And also maybe even with Turkey, who can we trust?”

“Well, listen, I think we have to try to get them both to partner together to try to do this investigation but an investigation is key,” said Duffy. “I mean as a former prosecutor I want to see the facts and I want to know who is responsible, I want to know who ordered the killing, if there was a killing, and it appears that there was, so once we have those facts before, so we can make decisions on how we deal with Saudi Arabia and the killers.”

Duffy expressed his doubt about the handling of the situation and, naturally, targeted the media for that. “I think a lot of people, and a lot of people in the media on other networks, are rushing to judgment when we don’t know who, what, when, where, why, in this case.”

Faulkner pushed back on that. “Rushing to judgement,” she said with some surprise. “I mean we first saw from Saudi Arabia a denial, and then a changing story–”

“Right,” Duffy interjected cryptically.

“I mean with all fairness they’ve kind of put our president in an unthinkable position to have to talk with the king about a murder,” Faulkner continued. “I mean, we’re not forcing anybody to rush to judgement, we just want the answers and the truth.”

Duffy said of course people want answers, but turned back immediately to the idea of the press overreacting, saying some are calling for the Crown Prince to resign. “They are going to radical extremes, I think, in calling for people to leave office in Saudi Arabia when we don’t know what involvement was in place by their different leaders.”

Duffy then also brought up the idea that dismembering people in consulates isn’t all that big of a deal in the Middle East anyway.

“By the way, let’s be honest about this, Harris,” he said. “I mean, in the Middle East, this isn’t Kansas, I mean they publicly lash people, they behead people, if they steal they cut people’s hands off. I mean they don’t operate by the same standards we do in America. And it’s not just Saudi Arabia, it’s the whole region.”

Following ‘if there was a murder we don’t know who did it despite media hysteria‘ and ‘consulate dismemberment is de rigueur anyway‘, Duffy’s third angle was that we should be careful who we decide to piss off.

“I think what we have to do as a country is, say okay, who are our best allies, who are our best partners, and who are our biggest threats,” he said. “I think if you look at the world as a whole we have China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran as our biggest threats, and is Saudi Arabia a partner to us? Or are they an enemy for us?”

“And it’s through that prism of ‘America First’ that we have to analyze what happened in Turkey but also what Saudi Arabia’s role was at the top levels,” he concluded, citing President Trump‘s overall policy theme.

Faulkner then noted that pushback on Duffy’s position comes from within the GOP as much as from without, citing both Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who has been vocal on the issue, and Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), whom she interviewed on Tuesday about the Magnitsky Act.

Congressman Duffy represents Wisconsin’s 7th District and serves on the House Financial Services Committee.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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