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Fox’s Jesse Watters Argues a ‘Liberal Edit’ Took Trump Out of Canadian Broadcast of Home Alone 2: ‘Makes Them Look Petty’

Fox News host Jesse Watters argued on The Five that a 20-second edit to a Canadian broadcast of Home Alone 2 was the work of a “petty” liberal agenda.

Watters first went on to praise President Donald Trump’s cameo and Home Alone 2 at large.

Home Alone 2, probably one of the most underrated sequels ever. Better booby-traps. … It’s on Disney+. I just saw it with my twins, they loved the Trump cameo. One of the most interesting parts of the movie. It was a liberal edit. If you want to edit for time, take out the crazy pigeon lady in Central Park,” Watters said. “When you look at what they did, it’s re-writing history because what Trump was in the early ‘90s, he was a tycoon that was admired and embraced by American culture, by Hollywood, by the entertainment industry. This was a family-friendly film. Liberals can’t accept it so they want to deny it and it makes them look petty.”

Guest host Capri Cafaro argued it was unfair to characterize the entire country of Canada as liberal because of an edit to a broadcast of a movie on a Canadian television station.

“I love Canada and I love the CBC,” she said. “I would say to assume that Canada is super liberal and the CBC by default, take a look at western Canada and prairie places like Alberta … Saskatchewan, Manitoba. They are not necessarily liberal so to blanketly say Canada is liberal is erroneous.”

The CBC said in a statement that the edit they made was from before Trump became president.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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