Fox’s Judge Napolitano: If NYT China Report True, Trump May Have Done What He Criticized Hillary Clinton Over


On Wednesday, Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in the New York Times bombshell reporting that China has been listening in on President Donald Trump‘s phone calls by pointing out if the New York Times’ report is true, the President could be guilty of the same crime that he has pointed fingers at Hillary Clinton for committing.

After being asked what the implication of the Times’ report, Judge Napolitano said this on Fox Business: “The implication of this I am sorry to say is the same implication that the president used as a battering ram against Mrs. Clinton when he ran against her. And that is the failure to safeguard state secrets, which is called espionage. Is President Trump guilty of the same crimes for which he alleged Mrs. Clinton was guilty?”

Host Elizabeth MacDonald then noted, “We don’t know that yet.”

The judge then admitted that was true but added, “We don’t know if he’s going to admit this or if it’s accurate.”

He continued, “According to one of the pieces that we just got, and we didn’t get the full story, we got the headline, General[John] Kelly and his close aides, I can guess who the others are, have been warning him for months not to do this but he enjoys calling people on the iPhone. If that is true, then he was on notice that he is revealing things about his personality and his plans and maybe things that are secret in a way that his adversaries can hear… I mean our enemies, sworn enemies.”

He added, though, that before going further “we have to read the full story” but admitted the Times report does not sound good for Trump.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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