Fox’s Kennedy Calls for Protesters to ‘Subdue’ Rioters With ‘Zip Ties’, Perform Citizen’s Arrests


Fox News host Kennedy encouraged viewers to “subdue” rioters with “zip ties” and perform citizen’s arrests on Outnumbered Monday, before the idea was quickly shut down by Harris Faulkner.

“If you’re going out protesting and you are a peaceful protester, take some zip ties and subdue some of these people in a citizen’s arrest,” said Kennedy on the topic of violent rioters. “If they are hurting people, if they’re lobbing Molotov cocktails, if they are setting things on fire, and if they are breaking things and committing crimes, go ahead and help them find what they ultimately want, which is apparently arrest.”

Kennedy continued to claim that Antifa “also sent out a notice over the weekend that they are heading to ‘the burbs’ to take what’s ‘theirs’, and you go, well I thought you didn’t believe in private property?”

“So if you see an Antifa person and they have a backpack, go ahead and take it, because they don’t believe in private property, so what’s theirs is yours,” she concluded.

Faulkner quickly shut down the idea, responding, “We don’t want to engage people in trying to physically get involved with anybody else, but I understand what you are saying. Maybe not literally.”

Fox News contributor David Webb, however, proceeded to back up Kennedy by saying if there are more peaceful protesters than rioters, “do take them on.”

“You do have the right and the responsibility of getting rid of the bad elements in your protests,” he declared.

Watch above via Fox News.

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