Fox’s Marie Harf Bashes ‘Chaos President’ in Heated Shutdown Clash With Pro-Trump Guest


Fox News liberal commentator Marie Harf and GOPAC chairman David Avella engaged in a heated clash on Friday over the firestorm surrounding President Donald Trump‘s efforts (or lack thereof) to avoid a possible government shutdown.

Trump and his allies are accuse Democrats of not caring about border security because of their refusal to support finding for a Southern border wall. But Harf believe Trump’s talking point is “not based in reality,” and “this is his last chance to score political points” on the wall.

Avella responded by suggesting Democrats are not really willing to support border security funding despite thousands of supposed criminal aliens pouring into the country, which will have dire consequences down the line.

“We can let them in right now by not having a secure border and pay the price later, or Senate Democrats can say let’s secure the border now and give the president the votes and everybody go home for Christmas happy.”

Harf pushed back in an extensive tangent about how the wall is not an efficient immigration fix, and Trump “can’t work with his own party in Congress” to keep the government running.

“Why don’t we do this?…Let’s keep the government open and, when Congress comes back into session, let’s have a knock-down, drag-out fight about immigration, about border security, about DACA, about all of these really complicated issues. Let’s not send 400,000 employees home at Christmastime where they have to work without getting paychecks because Donald Trump is governing as a chaos president.”

Avella responded by reiterating the “very clear lines here on which party wants border security and which one doesn’t.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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