Fox’s Napolitano Says Bezos-Enquirer Feud Could Spell Doom For Trump: ‘Bad News For the President’


Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano says the war between Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the National Enquirer could hold major legal repercussions not only for those at the tabloid, but also for President Donald Trump.

Napolitano joined Fox Business’ Stuart Varney on Monday to talk about Bezos’ claim that David Pecker, Enquirer publisher and CEO of American Media (AMI), is trying to extort and blackmail Bezos with a collection of sexts from his extramarital affair. Napolitano concluded that AMI’s alleged conduct “is an act of blackmail because it is an effort to prevent [Bezos] from doing what he has a right to do by the threat of exposing something.”

Napolitano and Varney went on to talk about the implications of the case, especially since political observers know that Trump strongly dislikes Bezos and has been friendly with Pecker for a long time. Napolitano acknowledged this even as he said he’s seen “no evidence” to prove the Bezos-Pecker dispute connects to Trump.

After assessing that the allegation against AMI is blackmail and not “extortion,” Napolitano said the company could still be in trouble if their conduct violates the plea agreement Pecker signed for the Cohen case.

“This is very troublesome for AMI because they signed a agreement in the Michael Cohen case. They must be as pure as Caesar’s wife in three years, otherwise the agreement not to prosecute them is no longer in place. If they’re prosecuted for being part of the Michael Cohen conspiracy, bad news for the president.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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