George Stephanopoulos Confronts Jason Miller on Trump’s Claim Doctors Inflating Covid Deaths: ‘We All Just Saw’ Him Do It


ABC’s George Stephanopoulos dragged Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller across the coals for defending President Donald Trump’s claim that doctors are falsifying the lethality of the coronavirus.

As the two spoke on Sunday for This Week, Stephanopoulos led the interview with footage of Trump claiming at a rally that doctors “get more money if someone dies from Covid,” rather than if a patient’s death is attributed to some other cause. The American Medical Association has condemned Trump’s insinuation as a “malicious, outrageous, and completely misguided charge,” so Stephanopoulos pressed Miller for why does Trump “repeatedly attack doctors working on the frontlines” by claiming they’re inflating the death rate.

After an initial digression about Trump’s support, Miller responded to the question with “I don’t think he was attacking anybody at all.”

“Jason, we all just saw it,” Stephanopoulos objected. “He was talking about doctors inflating Covid deaths for money.”

“I’m not gonna get into the billing aspects,” Miller responded before spinning away and waxing on about Trump’s anti-pandemic lockdown position.

“So you’re repeating it?” Stephanopoulos asked. “You believe doctors are inflating Covid deaths for money.”

“I think there have been a number of reports that have raised issues out there regarding billing,” Miller said without pointing to any specific examples.

Watch above, via ABC.

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