Trump Blames Coronavirus Mortality Rate On U.S. Doctors Who ‘Get More Money if Someone Dies from Covid’


President Donald Trump introduced a new explanation for the mortality rate of Covid-19 to rally-goers in Waterford Township, MI on Friday afternoon, claiming that U.S. doctors “get more money if someone dies from Covid.”

Polls have revealed that the most pressing issue for most voters is the current coronavirus pandemic and the manner in which the Trump administration has handled it. As such, President Trump has spent a fair amount of campaign energy blaming the media for what he seems to think is a politically-influenced coverage of a potentially deadly contagion that has led to roughly 230,000 American deaths since early Spring.

Trump took credit for a domestic fatality rate going down 85% due to “our groundbreaking therapies,” adding that “our excess mortality rate is 42% lower than Europe.” He then compared the manner in which deaths are recorded in the United States to that in European countries. “You know in Germany if you have a bad heart and are ready to die or if you have cancer he said and you will be dying soon and you catch Covid, that happens.” But in the United States? “We mark it down Covid,” Trump said.

“Our doctors get more money if someone dies from Covid,” he explained. “You know that, right? Our doctors are very smart people.” He then again explained that in Germany doctors assign the cause of deaths differently before appearing to mock American medical professionals.

“With us when in doubt, choose Covid,” to which the audience laughed. “It’s true, no it’s true,” Trump insisted. “No, they’ll say ‘it’s terrible what he said,’ but it’s true. It is like $2,000 more so you get more money. This can only happen to us.”

Trump is correct in highlighting some of the consequences of a for-profit-based medical system and seems to suggest that if the United States had a health care system more like what they had in Germany, we could trust our medical professionals more.  But to blame the world’s highest mortality rate for medical professionals who are doing their best to save lives?

That is an interesting closing argument just four days out from the election.

Watch above via Fox News.

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