Geraldo Rivera ERUPTS, Accuses GOP Rep. of Getting ‘Sexual Pleasure from the Chaos and the Destruction’ at Airports


Geraldo Rivera went on a rant Tuesday over a Republican congressman’s comments about Southwest Airlines, suggesting he is “getting sexual pleasure” from the chaos.

In the past few days, Congressman Chip Roy (R- TX) railed against vaccine mandates at Southwest Airlines and said they should “pay back their previous bailout.”

In response to chaotic scenes at airports because of the hundreds of cancellations, Roy tweeted, “This makes me happier than I can possibly articulate. Eat it, @SouthwestAir.”

On The Five, Jesse Watters talked about pilots publicly opposing vaccine mandates before Rivera remarked, “I absolutely disagree with Jesse’s tone.”

“I believe that mandates exist for a reason,” he said.

Rivera argued that the federal government has the constitutional right to impose such a mandate, and he accused pilots against the mandates of “screwing the public.”

He then called out Roy’s “eat it” tweet and called the Texas Republican an “ideological lunatic.”

Rivera read that tweet aloud and remarked, “This is a guy getting almost sexual pleasure from the chaos and the destruction!”

So, uh, yeah, you can watch how that unfolded above, via Fox News.

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