Gingrich Calls for New Gun Laws: ‘As Technology Changes Sometimes We Have to Change the Rules’


In light of the deadliest mass shooting in US history taking place this week, many are criticizing current gun laws and calling for increased weapon regulations — and though it may seem unlikely, one of such critics is influential conservative Newt Gingrich.

While appearing on Fox News, Gingrich advocated for stricter firearm laws that would make rapid-fire gun modifications illegal, such as the bump-stock the Las Vegas shooter reportedly used. While a staunch Second Amendment supporter, the former speaker of the house justified this new position against the firearm attachments by saying “as technology changes… rules [have] to catch up.”

In a lengthy segment, Grinch attempted to straddle both support for some gun control while also defending the Second Amendment:

“I also think some of the technology has to be looked at… Look, if there is something that makes it easy to convert a semi-automatic into an automatic, maybe that does have to be looked at and put under the federal firearms act which makes it illegal to have a genuinely automatic weapon. I think this is as technology changes, sometimes we have to change the rules to catch up with those technologies. There is a new technology, which is relatively cheap, that enables you to take a semi automatic weapon and convert it into an automatic weapon, which is illegal. It strikes me as a practical common sense thing that we ought to find some way to make — take that particular device and make it part of the illegal to have an automatic weapon.”

Gingrich went on to say that no Republican “seriously argues you ought to walk around with a .50 caliber machine gun” — which would be news to some of the more hardline Second Amendment supporters who do want access to fully-automatic rifles. However, the former speaker is apparently not quite that big of a gun-advocate, as he called automatic rifles “very dangerous” and said “significant limitations” should be implemented on their use.

In his defense for the Second Amendment, Gingrich added that the US Constitution is in place to “protect the right to bear arms… as a political right to enable you to preserve your liberty.”

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