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‘Give Me a Chance’: Greta Van Susteren Asks Former Fox Fans to Join Her on MSNBC

As Greta Van Susteren prepares to launch her new show with MSNBC, she’s asking her old Fox News audience to follow her to her new network.

Rachel Maddow had Van Susteren on for a Thursday night chat, where she offered the incoming anchor a warm welcome. Maddow eventually noted that Van Susteren had a right-leaning audience with her previous show, and she asked Van Susteren whether she’s been getting any heat for “crossing enemy lines?”

Van Susteren has addressed online followers in the past for “stirring up venom” ahead of her move, and she told Maddow that it didn’t bother her much because “people get mad at you every single night.”

“I just want them to give me a chance. If they don’t like me, fine, but at least give me a chance,” Van Susteren said, “I think that the MSNBC audience is going to like me. I hope the Fox audience comes over here.”

Van Susteren went on to talk about her plans to hold debates on her show and tackle major issues of the day. Van Susteren also told Maddow that she was confident that she could entice the kind of guests she had for On the Record to come on her new show.

“I think they’re going to come over here. I’m going to give them a fair shake, I’ll give Republicans a fair shake, I’ll give Democrats a fair shake,” Van Susteren said. “I’m out to get information, and frankly, I want to hear what they have to say.”

For the Record will launch on Monday at 6 P.M. EST.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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