Glenn Beck Surprisingly Silent About Weiner And Goldline On O’Reilly Factor


After Bill O’Reilly‘s interview with Rep. Anthony Weiner Monday, we asked if it would be a preview to Weiner vs. Glenn Beck – mainly because that’s how O’Reilly made it sound.

But the first round came and went last night during Beck’s weekly appearance on The O’Reilly Factor – with surprisingly no mention of Weiner or Goldline.

O’Reilly set up Beck’s m.o. early: “The interesting thing about Beck, if you don’t watch the program, is he doesn’t come at it like a partisan, ‘the Republicans are better,’ he just comes at it like, ‘he’s a communist or socialist,’ or whatever name you have for him this week. And destroying the republic and all that.”

Then Beck talked about Pres. Obama’s financial policies, while saying he doesn’t “hate Obama” and wished the President would “stop playing the word games…and actually say what they mean. Very few times has he said it, but he reveals himself.”

So what about Goldline and Weiner? Because Rep. Weiner is still on the Fox airwaves, yesterday with David Asman on Fox Business Network (h/t MM). But the other side was noticeably silent. Sure, is very active, with four posts rebutting Weiner’s report from various angles – Beck’s past statements/relationship with Goldline and Goldline’s response are two. But while the site is fun and creative, it’s a far cry from responding to these claims on the top-rated cable news show.

For those who regularly watch The Factor, they were expecting a Beck response. And they got nothing. Instead, the pair of Fox News stars found one minute out of a less than six minute segment to plug their Bold Fresh Tour (still tickets available for Columbus, OH June 18!) and exchange playful jabs about Spandex.

We’ve detailed how Radio Glenn Beck (and Radio Glenn Beck’s new web playground, and TV Glenn Beck are different entities. But TV Guest Glenn Beck could have addressed the Weiner report even if TV Host Glenn Beck doesn’t want to. It would lend a lot more support to his side of the argument.

The segment:

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