Glenn Greenwald Fails To Convince A Mocking Bill Maher That Afghanistan Should Try U.S. Soldier

Bill Maher has been fairly sympathetic in the past to the argument that the war in Afghanistan is a waste of time and lives, but the jump from there to trusting their justice system or those running it is one he proved last night unwilling to jump. Discussing the topic of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales on the online-only “Overtime” segment, Glenn Greenwald suggested Americans should allow Afghans a role in Bales’ punishment, to which Maher scoffed, “What is the compromise, we’re going to plea bargain down from stoning to death?”

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Greenwald was answering whether he believed the trial should be held in Afghanistan, which he seemed to believe was the moral choice. Noting that he had written a piece on the killings, Greenwald remarked that the Afghans were accusing several soldiers, not just one, of the shootings, and that it was common courtesy to let them in on the proceedings:

“When you invade a country and you occupy it for ten years and you kill their civilians, making them extremely hateful and angry towards you, the least you can do when someone goes on a major shooting rampage is allow them to participate in the investigation and be a part of the punishment of those people.”

“Afghan punishment?” Maher replied, “I mean, come on.” Greenwald clarified that he still wanted the American military to control the proceedings, just not exclusively. Maher didn’t buy it. “What is the compromise, we’re going to plea bargain down from stoning to death?”

The segment via HBO below:

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