GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘Let’s Not Be Charlie Brown to North Korea’s Lucy’


One Republican lawmaker issued a word of caution this morning to President Donald Trump when it came to meeting with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) was asked by guest host Jim Acosta to weigh in on Trump’s comments at last night’s campaign rally in which the president mentioned that Kim was thinking about denuclearizing and America should be nice to Kim while he prepares to meet the reclusive leader.

Johnson noted that POTUS had been engaged in a “maximum pressure campaign” with Kim, adding that the US cannot “let off the pressure and just watch the behavior go in the wrong direction.”

“So, again, it’s just incredibly important to keep — I would — is ratchet up the sanctions against North Korea until they actually do in a verifiable fashion to denuclearize,” Johnson said.

After Acosta mentioned that America has been down this road before in negotiations with the North Koreans, Johnson was asked if Trump was just “being naive here.”

“Let’s hope not,” the Wisconsin lawmaker responded. “You have that history. Let’s not be snookered again. Let’s not be Charlie Brown to North Korea’s Lucy. We’ve seen this movie before that’s why we’ve called on President Trump to make sure we maintain the maximum pressure campaign.”

Johnson went on to say that not a whole lot could be accomplished by Trump being nice to Kim and that he believes the best course of action is to isolate North Korea.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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