GOP Senator Repeatedly Dodges When Directly Asked Who’s Right Between Trump and Cheney on Election


Senator John Barrasso (R- WY) repeatedly dodged when confronted on Fox News about the rift within the Republican party over Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R- WY).

Cheney could end up being removed from House GOP leadership over her continued comments calling out former President Donald Trump’s repeated baseless election statements.

Fox News’ Sandra Smith started out by directly asking Barrasso if he thinks Cheney should “keep her post.”

“The House will make that decision. I chair the conference in the Senate,” Barrasso said. “And we’re focused on the future and taking back the Senate in 2022. We need to be together as a team.”

John Roberts brought up Trump’s latest statement on the election and Cheney slamming him for continuing to spread that big lie.

“Who of the two of them is right?” Roberts asked.

“I’m focused on the future,” Barrasso said, again dodging. “That’s what we need to do as a party and for the best interest of the country. Joe Biden is in the White House. The election was certified. There are always irregularities.”

Smith followed up by saying, “So perhaps if you’re not going to answer the question more specifically to Cheney, perhaps, senator, you can just confirm whether or not this is true. We’ve got sources that are telling Fox News if you’re out of sync with Trump, you’re not in sync with the Republican conference. Is that true?”

Barrasso responded by saying, “You’re talking about the House there.”

He went on to commend Trump for bringing “incredible energy to our voters, to our party, and the fight that we’re in against this Biden administration.”

Roberts circled back to the election and said, “Let me just come back, if I could, senator, just to try to pin you down on this: was the 2020 election stolen or was it fought fairly?”

Barrasso responded, “There are irregularities, as there always were. I voted to certify the election.”

“So you believe it was fair?” Roberts said.

“Joe Biden is in the White House and there’s nothing we can do about that right now other than stop this administration and make him into a half-term president… to stop them by taking the House and taking the Senate,” Barrasso added.

Recent polling from CNN said 70 percent of Republicans believe that big lie about the election, something the former president continued to push this week.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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