Gorka: A Lot of People in the White House Don’t Agree With ‘The MAGA Platform’


Sebastian Gorka parted ways with the Trump Administration last week, and he just threw out some parting shots for his former colleagues who don’t actually have the president’s agenda at heart.

The former national security deputy assistant appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, where Brian Kilmeade asked if Gorka was surprised he no longer has a White House job while Gary Cohn and Rex Tillerson got to keep theirs after criticizing the president.

Gorka proceeded to criticize his old co-workers by saying they do not truly believe in making America great again, and that he resigned because he thinks can do more to advance Trump from outside the White House.

“One of the reasons [I resigned] is that the MAGA platform, the Make America Great Again platform that brought us into the White House, there are a lot of people in that building who really don’t agree with it and won’t associate with it, and that’s why I left, so we can support the president from the outside because that’s why he was elected. And he is not going to give up. The question is are the people around him going to support him – at least the people on the outside like myself, Steve Bannon – we are going to support him to the fullest.”

Gorka continued to talk about how he will advocate Trump’s cause in his new capacity while also offering his criticisms for White House leakers trying to derail Trump’s presidency.

Watch above, via Fox.

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