Greg Gutfeld Says Trump Supporters Are ‘Justified’ Because You Can’t Trust Elections, Sparking Chaos on The Five


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said President Donald Trump’s supporters are “justified” in their distrust for the media and elections during a segment on the violent attack on the United States Capitol.

The remark from Gutfeld sparked a heated argument on The Five Thursday evening.

“I don’t understand why calling for an audit that [Ted] Cruz and Trump wanted is a call for insurrection. It was a preventative. Because I’ve said this a thousand times, that when you remove dialogue, or conversation, or just going back and forth from the process, all you end end up with is violence,” Gutfeld said.

Trump has been accused of inciting his supporters to attack the Capitol building — which left five people dead and many more injured — by many on both sides of the aisle, including prominent Republicans like former Attorney General William Barr.

“And you have people who feel like there is no hope. I think what we’re seeing here is a lot of people with no hope,” Gutfeld continued. “There is no way to turn this back. You have millions of people who do not trust their institutions, and you know what? They are justified. You can’t trust the media, because they lie to you. You can’t trust the elections, because there is fraud!”

“We don’t know how much, because every time someone brings it up, they are dismissed as conspiratorial rubes,” Gutfeld concluded. “We have to change, because it’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

Fox News contributor Juan Williams pointed out that Trump’s claims of election fraud are unproven. He cited Georgia Election official Gabriel Sterling, a Republican who debunked many of Trump’s absurd claims of fraud.

“You had Gabe Sterling, a Republican election official in Georgia, go down the line and say this is wrong,” Williams before getting interrupted by Gutfeld.

“He cherrypicked. He cherrypicked!” Gutfeld yelled at Williams.

“You are just spouting what we’ve already heard,” Gutfeld added before the panel divulged into chaos.

William pointed out that Gutfeld wasn’t letting him get in his point, to which Gutfeld said, “Dude, you’ve been talking for two days!”

The Trump campaign mounted a series of legal challenges to the 2020 election. They were all thrown out of court, in many cases by Trump-appointed judges, because they did not present any evidence of fraud.

Fox News anchor Dana Perino, towards the end of the segment, attempted to bridge the divide between Gutfeld and William by noting we are all Americans, to which Gutfeld replied, “Not anymore!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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