Hannity Defends His Use of ‘Civil War’ Rhetoric, Swipes at Media: I’m Not Going to ‘Take Their Crap’


Fox News host Sean Hannity responded to media reports on his “Civil War” rhetoric by claiming that he was merely speaking in hyperbolic terms and was not serious about an actual armed conflict between Americans.

“I have a special message for the abusively biased media that once again i strike to smear me,” Hannity said in his Tuesday night monologue. “Yesterday, on my radio show, I was making a point about Robert Mueller dividing this country at a level we have not seen in forever, which he undoubtedly he is doing and he has been doing.”

He continued: “I made reference, it’s like a Civil War in this country because of his abusively biased team, corrupt Democrats — people that see truth, we are sick and tired of it. It’s dividing those that hate Trump, those that like Donald Trump.”

Hannity, who insisted that he is not “going to sit back and take their crap,” went on to say that the media did not accurately describe his use of the term “Civil War,” as the leading cable news host claimed he was referencing the divide between “family members” at a hypothetical dinner table.

“They’re gonna sit at dinner and they will have a food fights and they’re gonna throw mashed potatoes and broccoli at each other at the dinner table,” quipped Hannity. “I wasn’t talking about a real Civil War and I was very clear.”

The host then played three CNN clips and three MSNBC clips in which guests and hosts can be seen using the “Civil War” term for their own narratives — which Hannity said he was doing.

“Oh, nobody cared about them saying it,” he added.

Watch above, via CNN.

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