Hannity Echos What an InfoWars Conspiracy Theorist Told Him: ‘I’m The Next Target of The Deep State’


After months of going after the Deep State, Sean Hannity told his viewers Friday night that they may have found their new target: Sean Hannity.

Towards the end of his wide-ranging monologue, Hannity sarcastically said that he personally had some “good news.”

“Remember when Chuck Schumer said ‘Don’t mess with the intel community because they’re gonna get ya six ways to Sunday?'” Hannity asked. “This is great news for me.”

Hannity then explained how the author of Killing the Deep State Jerome Corsi, a conspiracy theorist who also happens to head the Washington D.C. Bureau for Alex Jones‘ website InfoWars, told him that he was the “next target of the Deep State.”

“Wow, isn’t it so great to know that these corrupt officials with their backs against the wall that are desperate, desperate people do desperate things, the people that have the most powerful tools of intelligence… are now going after me, okay? Really?” Hannity said. “So sadly, after all we have learned, you know, now we have Jerome Corsi’s prediction. It doesn’t surprise me. Isn’t that sad? Are we the United States of America? Or are we going are we the former Soviet Union? Or are we going to be Venezuela? I promise you this one thing: I’m never stopping, ever.”

It’s worth noting that Hannity didn’t disclose to his viewers that Corsi currently works for InfoWars.

The Fox News host then asked The Hill‘s John Solomon if he thought that Corsi could be right, to which he responded by saying he doesn’t know and that he “hopes not.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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