Hannity Ignores Trump/Sessions Drama, McCain’s Cancer Diagnosis on Thursday Night’s Show


Sean Hannity did not address President Trump‘s recent attacks of his Attorney General Jeff Sessions nor Sen. John McCain‘s brain cancer diagnosis for two consecutive shows since the two stories broke Wednesday night.

Because Hannity’s shows are typically pre-taped, it was reasonable for him not to mention those stories during Wednesday’s show. During that broadcast, Fox News’s Ed Henry interrupted twice with the breaking news of the Arizona senator’s illness.

The Fox News host tweeted this Wednesday night offering prayers for Sen. McCain:

However, during his Thursday night’s show, he again did not acknowledge the cabinet drama between Trump and Sessions after many of his colleagues at Fox News have on their shows nor did he formally address McCain’s diagnosis.

During a mini monologue, Hannity did mention Trump’s interview with The New York Times, but only mentioned how Trump said that it would be “crossing a red line” for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to be investigating his and his family’s finances and business transactions.

Later on in the program during his interview with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), he did mention McCain, only when he was pointing out the “no votes” for any future Senate health care bill.

Hannity: Will Rand [Paul] and Mike Lee support it?

Cruz: Look, I think Rand has made pretty clear that he’s voting no no matter what.

Hannity: So now we’re to two [including Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)] and Sen. McCain’s sick.

Hannity did however spend two segments talking about O.J. Simpson.

Watch the clips above, via Fox News.


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