comScore Hannity Rips ‘Chief Conspiracy Theorist’ Maddow, MSNBC, CNN on Russia: Can’t Admit ‘Guys Like Sean Hannity Were Right’

Hannity Rips ‘Chief Conspiracy Theorist’ Maddow, MSNBC, CNN on Russia: Can’t Admit ‘Guys Like Sean Hannity Were Right’

Sean Hannity opened his show tonight ripping the media coverage of Russia and collusion, following the completion of Robert Mueller‘s report, singling out Rachel Maddow in particular as the “chief conspiracy theorist.”

“Night after night, never-ending lies, one bizarre conspiracy theory after another,” he said. “And she has been rewarded for being the number one liar, conspiracy theorist in America. Nobody ever has challenged her or vetted her or questioned her as to to the depths and lengths she has sunk to in this process.”

After airing several clips of Maddow talking about Russia and President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Hannity said, “My question to viewers: how does it feel to be lied to day after day, hour after hour? Have you had enough? Do you really see what has gone on here? Have they backed up anything with evidence and proof, or has it just been speculation and rumors and innuendo and anonymous sources and reckless, nonstop speculation?”

He added, “This program, by the way, we welcome you with open arms.”

Hannity also went after CNN and “fake news chief” Jeff Zucker for the network’s “insatiable hatred for all things Donald Trump”:

“And today’s narrative du jour, that the Mueller report was totally clearing the president of any campaign collusion––well, he doesn’t actually do what it did, because in their fantasy world that they can’t give up because then they would have to put aside their egos and their pride and admit, ‘Oh, guys like Sean Hannity were right and they were wrong.’ Instead, they just go on with a new one. Even though the attorney general stated clearly that Trump would not be charged with obstruction––Rod Rosenstein agrees with the analysis––NewsBusters chronicles CNN fake news chanted… 120 times it doesn’t exonerate. That’s what they tell their audience.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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