Happy Earth Day! CNN Guest Likens Paris Climate Accord To Appeasement of Hitler


CNN’s Victor Blackwell sparred with Princeton Professor William Happer on CNN’s New Day Saturday, after the guest likened the 2016 Paris Agreement on climate change to the appeasement of Adolf Hitler before World War II.

Happer asserted that the treaty was “very similar to the Munich agreements that Mr. [Neville] Chamberlain signed.”

After some pushback from fellow panelist Bill Nye (who had objected to Happer’s mere presence on the segment), Blackwell chimed in and asked, “I want to make sure that you are comparing the Paris climate agreement to the appeasement policy?…How is this comparable to Neville Chamberlain‘s appeasement of Hitler? How is that an appropriate comparison?”

“It is an appropriate comparison because it was a treaty that was not going to do any good. This treaty also will not do any good,” Happer replied.

The physics professor added that “even if you take the alarmist computer models…it will not make any difference; and yet, it will cause enormous harm to many people.”

Blackwell retorted, “I hear your point there, but I don’t know that the references there ever serve us well.”

Earlier in the segment, Nye had introduced the Second World War as topic when he likened the fight against climate change to winning that war:

“We could be world leaders in this, instead of wringing our hands and cherry-picking data and pretending that this problem, that’s obvious to the scientific community, is somehow not obvious to you. So everybody, let’s get to work. My parents were in World War II. They solved the global problem in five years. Let’s go.”

This also isn’t the first time that Happer has dropped an eyebrow-raising World War II reference during a climate change discussion. During a July 2014 segment on CNBC, the professor contended that “the demonization of carbon dioxide is like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler. Carbon dioxide is actually a benefit to the world, and so were the Jews.”

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