Harris Faulkner, After Louie Gohmert Says A Bunch of Wacko Nonsense About Mueller: ‘You’re An Excellent Lawyer!’


Fox News’ Harris Faulkner went out of her way to offer some praise to Louie Gohmert (R-TX) today when she interviewed him on Robert Mueller‘s requests to speak with Donald Trump.

The congressman went all out Wednesday when he demanded an investigation into the special counsel because it’s so supposedly obvious Mueller’s dead-set on ruining Trump and throw the upcoming midterm elections into chaos. Gohmert went off on this nonsensical-conspiracy raving for quite a while, but rather than ask questions or push back, Faulkner simply observed “you always manage to break it down to some new category” with his demand of turning the tables on Mueller.

“You say he wouldn’t care about politics anyway,” said Faulkner. “Lay conditions such that he wouldn’t accept. Wouldn’t he just slap the president’s team with a subpoena and would that be better or worse?”

Gohmert answered yes, and when he began talking about how he “used to be a good lawyer,” that’s when Faulkner said this:

“You are on the Judiciary Committee! You are an excellent lawyer!”

As the conversation moved on, Gohmert eventually declared that Mueller is “willing to break the law to put people in jail.” Did Faulkner push back on this? No. She glossed over Gohmert’s comments with “I get it, I get it,” before commenting on the “fruitless dance” between Trump and Mueller.

Oh yeah, and she pretty much had no reaction at all when Gohmert said Rod Rosenstein should get axed as deputy attorney general.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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