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‘How Dare He!’ Dem Rep. Says Trump ‘Creating an Environment in Which Anti-Semitism Can Flourish’


Florida Congressman Ted Deutch torched President Donald Trump for anti-Semitic comments that questioned the intelligence and loyalty of Jewish Americans who don’t vote Republican: “How dare he?!”

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump directly targeted Jewish Americans who didn’t vote for him or Republicans as either ignorant or disloyal—the latter a common anti-Semitic trope, for which he was immediately called out for using. This is not the first time Trump has shown a willingness to normalize anti-Semitism. He has a history of trafficking in anti-Semitic tropes, has invited an accused anti-Semitic, alt-right cartoonist to the White House, and during the 2016 race, Trump tweeted out a meme that infamously applied a Star of David next to an image of Hillary Clinton and a pile of cash.

On CNN, Deutch, who is Jewish, said Trump’s rhetoric was just as outrageous as the anti-Semitic comments made by his fellow Congressional Democrat Ilhan Omar.

“I have been very clear. And I think it’s imperative that we all be clear that anti-Semitism should be condemned wherever it comes from,” Deutch emphasized to CNN’s Brianna Keilar. “The charge that somehow you are being disloyal to their government, that they’re not really good Jews. Brianna, I had a meeting with a group of veterans just yesterday, and many of them are Jews, and many of them voted for me. The fact is, that just like my father who served our country, just like these brave veterans that I was with yesterday, when they vote for Democrats because that’s who they believe in, that’s what they want, that’s how they choose to exercise their right to vote, that’s what they do. And the president calls them out and suggests they’re disloyal Americans? How dare he?!”

“When you start to use language like that, when you suggest that Jews are being disloyal to America or to him or whatever it is he meant, there’s no valid reason to say that,” Deutch added. “You look at language that plays right into the hands of white nationalists, we should — I have said it before, and I’m sorry to be so emotional about this, Brianna, but it needs to be condemned. The president needs to apologize to the Jewish community. He needs to apologize to everyone who is committed to a vibrant democracy with differences of opinion. Just because more than three-quarters of the Jewish community chose not to vote for President Trump is not reason for him to use the kind of language that winds up fueling the anger of white nationalists.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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