‘I Don’t Want Another Misogynist as President’: Meghan McCain, The View Rip Bernie Over Warren Spat


The View took Senator Bernie Sanders to task over the burgeoning dispute between him and his rival for the 2020 Democratic nomination, Elizabeth Warren.

The show opened up on Tuesday by reviewing the latest developments in the Sanders-Warren dustup — just hours before the two appear on stage together for the Democratic primary debate in Iowa. Abby Huntsman said the two senators “have to figure out how to handle this” breakdown in their alliance, and Sunny Hostin agreed that “they have got to get it together” in order to avoid a repeat of the dynamic between Sanders and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“I have to say, I don’t see why this is big news,” Joy Behar said, hopping in. “Two people are in a room and someone says ‘Do you think a woman can win the race in this country?’ And the other one goes ‘I don’t know about that.’ Everybody has conversations like that.”

Meghan McCain followed up by noting that Sanders’ shots at Clinton damaged her in the last election — a point which Behar acknowledged. McCain went on to predict that her Twitter account would be “lit up on fire” as she pivoted to talk about the “bad reputation” of misogyny among the Bernie Bros.

“He has a problem with women. He has for a long time, and I think if Elizabeth Warren has this in her back pocket, all is fair in politics, all is fair in love and war, and look, I don’t want another misogynist as president. Women in this country are sick of it, and I have always thought he has had a problem with women. It’s one of the things — much like Mayor Pete with black voters – this is his Achilles heel with female voters.”

Huntsman recalled an appearance with Sanders on Bill Maher’s show several years ago.

“I was sitting on the panel with him,” Huntsman said. She added, “He basically didn’t realize I was sitting there or existed.”

“Do I think he’s purposely trying to make people feel bad? No, but it looks bad, and I think over time it becomes a narrative,” Huntsman said. “It surprises me he has the following he does even with women when he does things like this.”

The conversation went on with The View hoping that Sanders’ supporters will rally behind the Democratic nominee whoever it is, though McCain warned “they won’t” if it isn’t him.

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