Indignant Giuliani Rages at ‘Scandalous’ Buzzfeed ‘Fake News’: Should Be ‘Sued’ and ‘Under Investigation’


CNN’s Jake Tapper started off the Sunday show circuit with a bang on State of the Union, interviewing a fired-up Rudy Giuliani in a wild interview over the Buzzfeed story, the conversations between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump, and all the attendant baggage. Giuliani put up a vigorous defense against the possibility of claims made in the flopped story, and attacked Buzzfeed as fake news.

Diving in, Tapper first asked the direct question about tampering with testimony.

“I want to clear up some questions about this Trump Moscow project, and why Michael Cohen lied to Congress about it and why President Trump misled the American people about it,” he said. “So just very clearly, did President Trump or anyone on the trump team ever have a conversation with Michael Cohen about his congressional testimony?”

Giuliani also started in the deep end. “Let me correct the premise of the question,” he began. ‘The president didn’t lie to the American people about it.”

“He said there were — he said he had no dealings with Russia. And by your own admission,” Tapper pushed back, “he was talking with people in Moscow about a Trump Moscow project through November 2016.”

“He wasn’t talking to people in Russia about anything. He didn’t talk to people in Russia at all,” said Giuliani. The two began to go at it over whether Trump talked to anyone in Russia about Trump’s Russia project, talking over each at times.

Finally Tapper said, “Michael Cohen is going to jail for not being honest about the Trump Moscow project. I mean, he’s going to jail –”

Giuliani interrupted to object that he is not, Tapper said he is in part, and they began the back and forth again, with Giuliani saying in the midst that Cohen is just telling prosecutors what they want to hear, and shouldn’t be believed. He brought it to Buzzfeed there.

“You’re focusing on this minutia, but the reality is, yesterday BuzzFeed published a story that was scandalous. It was horrible,” said Giuliani, by now really worked up. “They should be under — they should be sued, they should be under investigation. They said the president of the United States counseled someone to lie and the special counsel in an extraordinary act–”

Tapper interrupted to say he wanted to get to the bottom of that, but Giuliani continued.

“That’s because you have a hysteria going on in the media that interprets everything against Donald Trump, and you all should be careful,” he said. “What they did yesterday is truly fake news, and disgusting.”

After some more feisty exchanges, and Giuliani snapping “let me answer the question”, he went back at Buzzfeed.

BuzzFeed “bought a totally phony story,” he said, indicating they believe “serial liar” Cohen. “They weren’t going to buy it unless they got some phony stuff about federal agents and then they went with it because– they’re the same ones who published the Steele dossier when no one else would do it. They obviously have a hatred for the president.”

The conversation continued like that from there. Watch above, courtesy of CNN.

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