Ingraham Angle Explodes Over Ilhan Omar and 9/11: ‘Excuse Me, Do I Not Exist? Do I Not Exist Right Here?’


Conversations both online and on-air continue to be contentious on the topic of Rep. Ilhan Omar this week. After several prior controversies, one of which resulted in a watered-down House resolution following anti-Semitic comments from the congresswoman, the latest flare-up is over remarks Omar made about 9/11.

On Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle, guests Asra Nomani, founder of the Muslim Reform Movement organization, and Qasim Rashid, a Democratic candidate for the Virginia State Senate, clashed several times in a heated segment that host Laura Ingraham tried to keep together as best she could.

Nomani said the way Omar referred to the attack on 9/11 was “completely callous and insensitive,” and added that it is “typical” of what she and other American Muslims hear “in our living rooms and in our mosques.”

She said “denial and obfuscation of tragedies” are something she and others hear all the time, but that with Rep. Omar and Democratic colleague Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Rashid began by confirming to Ingraham that 9/11 “was a terrorist attack” and then responded to Nomani.

“I would just say to my colleague if she’s going to mosques where people are denying terrorism, she’s hanging out with extremists, and she shouldn’t do that,” he said. “Every mosque I’ve been to has been clear to–condemned terrorism.”

“What Rep. Omar was clearly saying was that, when we talk about civil liberties being taken away, there are people in the U.S. government taking away civil liberties,” he continued. “Your last segment talked about illegally spying on the President. Well, the NYPD spied on American Muslims for six years without a warrant. That was the, you know, stripping away of our civil liberties.”

That was when the crosstalk began, with Rohani attempting to interject a point and Rashid insisting “I didn’t interrupt you” and “let me finish.”

After the disruption paused, Rashid told the story of his brother, who was in the Marine Corps, and how horrified he and his family were. Ingraham noted that he was saying the right things and telling a good story, it doesn’t excuse what others say, and the back-and-forth began again.

There was too much talking over to make out much of what was said, but it can be seen in the clip above.

After some order was restored, Rohani said “I don’t need to go to a mosque in order to see the kind of denial that we hear, I have it right in front of me,” as she gestured at Rashid.

“I’m not in denial,” said Rashid. “9/11 was a terrorist attack. It was perfect terrorism.”

Whatever “perfect terrorism” means, Rohani continued with her direct confrontation. “You said very recently that jihad is only means a holy struggle.”

“Where did I say that?” Rashid asked.

“Right here,” Rohani replied, and read from a paper she was holding. “‘It does not in any way mean to wage holy war, or kill the infidel, or commit terrorism,'” she read.

“Right it permits self-defense,” said Rashid. He then turned his back on Rohani, as he had a few times during the segment, and addressed Ingraham. “When people are killing Christians, Islam permits Muslims to fight against terrorism–”

“Could you stop turning your back on me? I’m not sure why he keeps turning his back on me,” she said.

“Why are you turning your back on her?” Ingraham asked.

“I’m trying to talk to you,” he said, gesturing to Ingraham.

“We’re all together,” said the host.

The two guests continued to argue until Ingraham brought a moment of quiet in order to play this video clip, which she set up by saying “newly unearthed video of Ilhan Omar mocking Americans for, get this, being anxious over Al Qaeda.”

Ingraham, after the clip, said that “you can’t defend that” and indicated she didn’t expect that Rashid would try to anyway.

“I don’t need to because she can speak for herself,” he confirmed.

When the topic came up about the cover of the New York Post, with a picture of the Twin Towers aflame behind their headline about Omar’s remarks, the conversation descended into back-and-forth fighting once more. And once again, Rashid turned his chair and his back toward Rohani, ignoring her comments and not looking at her as he continued to talk over her, directing his remarks to Ingraham.

“Excuse me, do I not exist?” Rohani demanded, with Ingraham also gesturing toward her to try to get Rashid to recognize Rohani and address her. The segment ended shortly thereafter.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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