Ingraham: Trump’s Gotten a Lot Done in 200 Days ‘Considering the 24/7 Media Onslaught’


With President Trump in office for 200 days now, Laura Ingraham said that the greatest threat for all of President Trump‘s critics is that his presidency will be successful.

Ingraham filled in for Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show today and said that the thing liberals, #NeverTrump-ers, and Capitol Hill truly fear the most is a successful Trump presidency.

She brought up Trump’s opponents on the left and on the “supposed right” (i.e. John McCain, Jeff Flake) to decry their “sad and rather pathetic fear and loathing” of the President.

Ingraham––who had been talked about as a potential Trump White House press secretary (something she threw cold water on)––brought up the low approval ratings of Trump’s opponents and said, “Trump is beating all of them.”

Touting the successes Trump has made without Congress, she reached this conclusion about the first 200 days:

“His approval numbers? Yeah, they need boosting, that’s for sure. But considering the 24/7 media onslaught against him, the distraction of the Russia probe, and the resistance from Congress––both sides in Congress––he’s done a heck of a lot in just 200 days. And if he can keep focused, and he can keep his team motivated, keep them together, and put pressure on the Hill to deliver on some of these big issues, he’ll improve his numbers. And he’ll grow the populist movement.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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