Ivanka Trump Decries ‘Raw, Partisan Politics’ of Trump Impeachment in New Interview, Says President is ‘Energized’


President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump condemned the impeachment of her father as “raw, partisan politics,” during an appearance on CBS News’ Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan — in an interview previewed Friday, and set to air in full Sunday.

“He’s energized, as are 63 million plus voters who elected him to office. This is historic, as you note, in many ways, including the fact that it’s the first purely partisan impeachment,” claimed Ivanka. “In fact, the only thing bipartisan was the vote against proceeding forward, which several Democrats came along to reject the articles that were introduced and voted against last night’s vote.”

“You know, what’s I think deeply unfortunate and disappointing is the amount of work that we could be doing to further the shared goals that we have, and that the American people want us to be finding common ground on. If you think about this past week and what has been accomplished by this administration despite unprecedented resistance and a climate of just tremendous raw politics, it’s been remarkable,” she continued. “From the passage of the defense bill which secured for millions of Americans paid family leave, to the creation of Space Force, to the largest pay rise for our service members in a decade. That, plus USMCA, plus tier one of the US-China trade deal. It is incredible.”

The first daughter went on to say that “you can be angry at a process that is unjust, and I think you heard from all the Republicans in the House yesterday, their anger, their disbelief that this process was proceeding forward when just a few months ago the Speaker herself said she would not advance impeachment without bipartisan agreement and consent.”

“So there can be anger. Anger at the opportunity cost to Americans we’re all here service, angry at the waste of time, angry at the collateral damage. But it’s still energizing, and it focuses you on really, and draws into relief the stark contrast in priorities between Republicans and Democrats today,” she proclaimed, adding that “there is tremendous energy” on her father’s “side.”

“I think he sees it for what it is, which is really just raw, partisan politics,” she concluded.

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