Jack Kingston: Democrats Need to Identify Themselves More With Otto Warmbier than Johnny Depp

Former Republican congressman Jack Kingston says that if Democrats want to win elections again, they better push back against extreme voices from the political Left.

Kingston squared off with Symone Sanders on CNN today, and they began by talking about the recent debates about whether Democrats ought to replace Nancy Pelosi as the head of their Congressional leadership. Sanders argued that Democrats should analyze their election loses instead of rushing to blame Pelosi, though Kingston noted that Democrats should consider new leadership if they want to make inroads towards Middle America.

Eventually, Kingston concluded that if Democrats want to become more appealing, they have to repudiate Johnny Depp and others who have made radical statements against the president.

“They need a Sister Souljah moment when they can say “you know what, Johnny Depp and Kathy Griffin do not represent our values, they are in fact ridiculous.” I mean, Bill Clinton defined himself when he took on Sister Souljah and right now, the Democrat Party seems to identify more with Johnny Depp than they do [Otto] Warmbier.”

Warmbier was the American student who died following his comatose return from imprisonment in North Korea. Depp, on the other hand, had to apologize this week for joking about President Trump getting assassinated.

Simone reacted to Kingston by citing Democratic Party appeal to various racial groups, though she did state her agreement that liberals would do well to focus on issues and choose better election candidates. When Ana Cabrera asked Sanders if the Democrats own a political message, Sanders said the party needs to show “real people” that they are on their side.

Watch above, via CNN.

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