CNN’s Jake Tapper Takes Jab at Sean Hannity, Suggests He’s Not a Journalist


CNN’s Jake Tapper took a jab at Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday, suggesting the conservative TV personality isn’t much of a journalist.

The dismissal came during a panel discussion on President Donald Trump’s willingness to speak with certain reporters despite his apparent efforts to steer clear of any talks with Special Counsel Robert Mueller amid the Russia investigation.

“He will pound out tweets every day on this subject,” said Amanda Carpenter, a former staffer for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). “He will talk to Lester Holt, he will talk to Sean Hannity, but he won’t talk to somebody when he is accountable for it.”

Carpenter believes the president’s “stay tuned” tweet was nothing more than a political response to what he’s calling a “witch hunt,” and she feels anyone interested in moving the Mueller probe along need to ask why Trump is so tight-lipped.

“I think people who want to see this investigation come to a close have to put the pressure on that question and why he will talk to journalists but not Mueller,” she said.

That’s when Tapper added in his two cents on who he thought was actually part of the field, a list which didn’t seem to include Hannity.

“I don’t know if everyone mentioned there is a journalist but certainly Lester Holt is,” Tapper said, leaving Hannity’s name noticeably unsaid.

However, according to a 2016 tweet, Hannity would agree.

Hannity had been responding to Boston Globe columnist Michael Cohen, who implied the Fox host’s employment in the media industry was a sign journalism was dead.

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