Jake Tapper’s CNN Panel Turns Into Shouting Match Over DACA Fix: Trump ‘Blew It Up!’


A CNN State of the Union segment descended into chaos Sunday as panelists engaged in a blame game over the absence of an immigration bill to fix DACA and pave a path to citizenship for the Dreamers.

It began when CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked the group whether such legislation is a realistic possibility, seeing as certain moderate Republicans are joining Democrats in an attempt to force action.

Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL) said she hopes things will progress, but that she’s still unsure whether enough politicos will get on board.

“I’m feeling positive that it’s going to happen, but then you never know because things change, I don’t know with people getting intimidated and then they don’t want to do anything,” she told Tapper.

Linda Chavez, a former White House staffer under the Reagan administration, approached the question with a serious dose of skepticism, but said she thinks a bill could be passed if it supported President Donald Trump‘s wall.

“They don’t want to vote because they don’t have the vote to pass the anti-legal immigration bill that the freedom caucus is supporting which would reduce legal immigration by 50 percent at a time when we have the lowest unemployment that we have had in years,” Chavez said. “This if it does get to the floor, if we are able to get a vote on it, it will pass. The question is then what will the Senate do? I think there’s actually a chance the Senate would pass it, and I think President Trump would be forced to actually sign it if a bill came to him particularly if it also included money for the wall.”

Former Trump Campaign Strategist David Urban then piped up, arguing the reason for the current debacle was actually the fault of the previous administration.

“Let’s not forget how he got here,” he said. “We are here because President Obama couldn’t get it done.”

Urban claimed that Obama “kicked the can down the road himself” by using executive orders to shield Dreamers from being deported.

It was at that point that a shouting match erupted, the panelists rendering each other inaudible at times, as former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm says, “he tried” but that “he had a Republican House and Senate.”

“Right now Donald Trump is the president,” she said. “He could fix this. He blew it up. He could fix it. He’s not doing that.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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