James Clapper Hits Back Hard At Trump’s ‘Deep State’ Tweet: It’s ‘Disturbing’


President Trump’s recent tweet claiming the Justice Department is part of the “Deep State” has many wondering if the president respects US intelligence agencies.

One of those people is former US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Clapper was on The Lead with Jake Tapper where the subject of Trump’s Tuesday tweet was addressed.

“I think it’s reprehensible to use that phraseology,” Clapper said. “I guess who hat refers to is the career civil servants who are patriots dedicated to the country. I’d point out that when you take the oath of office as a civil servant you swear to uphold the constitution. It doesn’t say anything about pledging loyalty to this president or any other and if not doing so is what constitutes being part of the ‘deep state,’ I think that represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what this country’s all about and what this government is all about and I find that characterization disturbing.”

When the second component of Trump’s tweet was brought up––jail time for Huma Abedin––Clapper doubled down.

“The whole issue of a president, this one or any other, reaching out or pointing the finger at someone who ought to go to jail or be investigated is again beyond the pale.” Clapper concluded. “It’s not proper.”

Watch above via CNN.

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