Jeffrey Lord Takes Heat From CNN Panel For Claiming Trump’s Mika Tweets Aren’t Misogynistic


President Donald Trump once again set the news cycle on fire with his Twitter account when he sent out a couple of tweets attacking MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, claiming she had a “bleeding face-lift” and was also “Low I.Q.” and “Crazy.”

During a CNN panel discussion this evening, CNN’s resident Trump defender Jeffrey Lord attempted to spin the tweets by saying that while the president shouldn’t have sent them, they weren’t misogynistic or sexist in nature. Instead, it was just one powerful person hitting back against another powerful person.

After adding that it was “patronizing” to Brzezinski to call it misogynistic because she is a big deal in the media world, political analyst Kirsten Powers took him to task. First noting that it appears that Trump was making up the whole story about the Mika bleeding from a facelift, Powers then wanted to know how Lord felt it wasn’t a misogynistic attack.

“You’re the one who just said it was not misogyny,” Powers confronted Lord. “What is it?”

“I believe in the equality of the sexes,” Lord responded. He added that if you are a TV talk show host, you should expect this from the president if you insult him on the air.

Later on in the discussion, The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza pointed out that this is just who Trump is, bringing up his “grab ’em by the pussy” remarks and saying Trump has been accused of sexual assault.

“He hasn’t been accused of rape like Bill Clinton,” Lord snarked back.

Lizza went on to describe some other incidents where Trump has insulted women based on their physical appearance, adding that Trump is punching below his weight class as he’s the most powerful person in the world.

“She’s a powerful player in television,” Lord pushed back.

And it just went on and on like that, with Cooper finally asking Lord how any child can look up to the president now.

“Point taken,” the conservative commentator said. “I’ll give you that.”

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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