Jeffrey Toobin Chides CNN Segment on Surviving Nukes: ‘Can We Just Dial This All Back?’


In the wake of ramped up rhetoric between President Donald Trump and the North Korean government, with Trump threatening to unleash “fire and fury” and North Korea claiming it is considering a strike on Guam, CNN ran a segment from a bunker in Hawaii.

Speaking to anchor Erin Burnett, reporter Sara Sidner detailed how a nuclear warhead could make it to Hawaii within 20 minutes, so the government only has a short amount of time to get the population warned and into underground locations. All in all, one could make the case that the piece was a bit of an overreaction to the day’s events.

And that is exactly the opinion CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin expressed immediately following the segment.

“Can we just dial this all back a little bit?” Toobin exclaimed. “I think this is an important story, but it is an unconfirmed report of a possible technological development from North Korea. And suddenly, on television, we’re talking about people hiding in caves on Hawaii.”

After Burnett pointed out that Trump seemed to be setting a red line with North Korea and that threats are being made by that country, Toobin noted that this is correct, but it is also the lingo that government uses. He then reiterated that everyone needs to chill out a bit.

“But I think everybody should dial this all back a little bit and not create some sort of panic that we are on the brink of a nuclear war, because, you know, it’s just one person’s opinion. I don’t think we’re on the brink of a nuclear war. and I don’t think anybody needs to do anything in Hawaii, except take a great, enjoyable, long vacation.”

Watch the clips above, via CNN.

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