Jim Jordan Admits He Spoke With Trump on January 6th After Being Pressed by Bret Baier


During an appearance on Tuesday’s Special Report, Bret Baier asked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) if he spoke with then-President Donald Trump on the day of the Capitol riot on January 6.

Jordan was chosen by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to serve on the House select committee that is investigating the riot, but his selection was rejected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who also denied Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) a seat as well. She said the pair could affect “the integrity of the investigation.” As a result, McCarthy pulled his three nominees who had been approved for the committee.

Talking to Jordan, Baier said, “This committee is obviously going to go down a number of different roads about who knew what when, who was talking to coordinators of the protests. Did you talk to the former president that day?”

The straightforward question prompted the following exchange where Jordan publicly admitted – seemingly for the first time – that he spoke with Trump on the day of the riot:

JORDAN: I’ve talked to the former president umpteen times, thousands. I mean, not thousands–

BAIER: I mean on January 6th.

JORDAN: I talked to the president. I never talk about what we talk about. I just don’t think that’s appropriate, just like I don’t talk about what happens in Republican conferences. So I talked to the president numerous times. I continue to talk to the president.

BAIER: No, no. I mean on January 6th, congressman?

JORDAN: Yes. I mean I’ve talked the president so many–I can’t remember all the days I have talked to him, but I have certainly talked to the president.

BAIER: And on that day, can you share any of the insight of what he was thinking about that day?

JORDAN: Bret, the people we need to come testify are the people who can testify to the fundamental questions. Why didn’t the United States Capitol – the people’s house – have an appropriate security posture on that day and what have we done? Those are the people we need to hear from. That’s the information and testimony we need to get. That’s what we should focus on.

Jordan proceeded to accuse Democrats of making the committee “political,” and that January 6 gives Democrats something to talk about that isn’t crime, inflation, and the southern border crisis.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who was appointed to serve on the  is just one of two Republicans serving on the committee, has floated the possibility that Jordan could be subpoenaed and compelled to testify as a witness.

“I think that Congressman Jordan may well be a material witness,” she said on Tuesday morning. “He’s somebody who was involved in a number of meetings in the lead-up to what happened on January 6th, involved in planning for January 6th, certainly for the objections that day as he said publicly, so he may well be a material witness.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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