Jodi Arias Breaks Down At Sight Of Crime Scene Photos, Sends Trial To Early Recess

Halfway through her fifth day under cross examination in the trail over the murder of Travis Alexander, defendant Jodi Arias broke down crying when confronted with crime scene photos of her dead ex-boyfriend. Prosecutor Juan Martinez asked Arias to describe the scene in the grisly photos and when she struggled to answer him through her tears, he hammered her with questions, “Were you crying when you were stabbing him? How about when you cut his throat? Were you crying then?”

While Arias said she couldn’t remember if she was crying during the time of the murder, she did answer affirmatively when Martinez asked, “You’re the one that did this, right?” Arias has previously admitted to killing Alexander but has claimed it was out of self-defense.

With Arias unable to answer the prosecutor’s questions, the judge in the case decided to cut the session short by calling an early recess. Brian Claypool, speaking as an analyst and defense attorney for HLN, said that perhaps Arias’ break down and the early recess call was “perfect timing” for Martinez, who has now left the jury to think about the photo of Alexander and Arias’ admission during their lunch break.

The cross examination is set to continue at 3:25pm ET and the live stream feed is available here.

Watch video below, via HLN:

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