Joe Biden Hammers Trump For Abandoning Kurds in Syria: ‘Shameful What This Man Has Done!’


Former Vice President Joe Biden hammered Donald Trump on Tuesday when asked about the president’s decision on Syria at the CNN Democratic Debate.

Anderson Cooper asked Biden if he would commit troops to northern Syria in order to prevent an ISIS resurgence and protect America’s Kurdish allies, now that both have been endangered by the Turkish military’s invasion. Biden answered that he would not have withdrawn troops from the region, and he called Trump’s withdrawal “the most shameful thing any president has done in modern history in terms of foreign policy.”

“Our commanders across the board, former and present, are ashamed of what’s happening here,” Biden said. “What I would do is I would be making it real clear to Assad that in fact where he’s going to have a problem because Turkey is the real problem here. And I would be having a real lockdown conversation with Erdogan and let him know he’s going to pay a heavy price for what he has done.”

When asked to clarify if he wants troops sent back into the region, Biden replied: “I would want those thousand troops to be protected by air cover, those thousand troops that are having to withdraw under fire, make it clear they’re not going anywhere and have them protected and work my way back toward what, in fact, needs to be done: protecting those Kurds. They lost their lives. This is shameful! Shameful what this man has done!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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